LIVE Returning to Work Class
June 10, 2021 at 6 p.m. PST

When we become parents, the rest of the world stops; and we get to soak up the moments with our new baby. But, for most of us, we must eventually return to work--leaving us with a flurry of questions.

Who will watch our baby?
How do I choose that person?
How do I handle feeding while at work?
It's so much to juggle, how do we adjust to a new normal?

All of these are valid and real concerns. You are not alone!


This is a down and dirty class to help you plan and prepare for every aspect of returning to work after the arrival of a new baby. It's never to early or late to hear this information!

-Making The Most Of Your Time Off
-When To Introduce The Bottle
-Formula Feeding
-Daycare Vs. Nanny Vs. Au Pair
-Systems And Organization For Your Car,
-Home And Diaper Bag
-How To Maximize Your Family Time
-Before And After Work
-Postpartum Depression Signs
-Healthy Relationships With Siblings
-Healthy Habits With Your Spouse
-Keeping The YOU Alive In Motherhood

Register today to prepare you and your partner for the next big transition--returning back to work.

LIVE Returning to Work

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