Prenatal Companion

The Prenatal Companion curriculum is simple, understandable, completely fact-driven and un-biased. You will learn communication styles for you and your partner, ways to communicate effectively with the birthing team, and what happens to your body during and immediately after birth.

Knowledge is Power 

This course will provide factual knowledge to you and your partner. Once you understand what your body is experiencing, what your baby is experiencing, and the overall goals of your birth team, clarity will come much easier for what your birth experience should be like for you.

"Thank you so much for taking the time to do this class! Its my first and this helped me undertand so much! Thank you!"


"Thank you so much! Wish I had this course back when I was expecting my first-- especially the personality part! I think it would've helped my partner support me in a better way."


Feel Empowered During Birth

A major focus throughout this course is to discuss the feelings you want to experience during your birth, rather than just the physical choices. In order to truly figure out how you want to feel, we will provide you with education around the birthing process as well as choices you may encounter along the way. By the end of the course we want you to feel confident in your birthing experience  as well as sinking into a space of feeling grounded and connected to your birthing journey. Remember this is your story.

What is Included:

This course will take you 2-4 hours to complete depending on the conversations you and your partner have as you work through the material. We encourage these conversations so please, take the time to discuss!

  • Self-paced videos for you and your spouse to work through together
  • Access to purchase an exclusive workbook as your go through the course
  • Insight into communication and personality styles so your partner, the birthing staff, and you can communicate effectively during your birth
  • Factual knowledge of the physiology during labor and delivery

Start Your Prenatal Companion Course Today!

The course is completely virtual with videos and discussion time built in. After the course, you and your partner will have confidence as you move forward in your decision making process which will help guide you through your labor and delivery process


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