Exclusively Pumping 101

Pumping is hard. Exclusively pumping is even harder! This course aims to prepare you for your pumping journey. So whether you plan to exclusively pump, or only pump when returning to work--this course is for you!

I'm ready to get started!

What is Included:

This course will take you 2-3 hours to complete depending on how you decide to break up the materials. With multiple modules, you can control how much you cover at a time.

  • Self-paced videos for you and your spouse to work through together
  • Factual knowledge of the physiology and anatomy that is involved in pumping
  • An overview of pumps, including wearable, manual, and double electric pumps
  • Best pumping bras and additional accessories that can make your life easier
  • Best practices for pumping schedules, cleaning and storing parts
  • Milk storage and freezer organization
  • And so much more!

Feel Empowered at Home

A major focus throughout this course is to discuss how to navigate the in's and out's of exclusively pumping. This journey can be overwhelming. The exclusively pumping course answers all of your questions in one place!


Online Vs. In Person

Safe & Comfortable at Home

You and your partner may find a self-paced, online course is not only safer, but also more comfortable at home (in your pajamas)!

Supportive Community 24/7

Sometimes we have questions beyond what is in the course. You will have personal connection and resources though the Flourishing Families online community!

No Need for Childcare

If there are already kids in the house, no need to worry about childcare. You can wait until bedtime, naptime, or have them watch with you. Flexibility is key!

Our Courses Are Mobile

Not only can you always reference the materials again, but you can also do it on the go! Utilizing the Kajabi app, all you have to do is login to your profile and every course is at your fingertips!

Meet Latasha Marston, IBCLC

Latasha was born and raised in Northern California and lives there today with her husband, Donovan, and son, Dexter.

Dexter was born in 2009 and my intro to motherhood was not as expected; Dexter spent some time in the NICU so rather than being able to nurse, I was handed a pump with little guidance or instruction. It was incredibly discouraging but we figured things out and had a pumping and nursing relationship for 16 months.

In 2015, I delivered a little girl as a surrogate and was back to pumping again, but this time, by choice. I researched and explored and with how little info was available, essentially had to teach myself the ins and outs of exclusively pumping. The trial and error paid off as I succeeded for 25 months and weaned to carry a second girl for the same couple. She was born in 2019 and I'm still pumping today!

Discouraged by the lack of info out there but encouraged to be part of the solution, I created a group for pumping surrogates in 2018 and became a Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (CLEC) through UC San Diego in 2019. I've completed their Pathway 2 program and successfully passed the exam to be an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)!

While my focus is on pumping, my goals are to educate, help and support through all feeding challenges.

Knowledge is Power 

This course will provide factual knowledge and real life tools to make pumping easier. No longer will you have to guess on which pump to order, or what to do if you have low supply. This class provides all of the answers so you can meet your infant feeding goals, whatever they may be!

"Thank you so much for taking the time to do this class! Its my first and this helped me undertand so much! Thank you!"


"Thank you so much! Wish I had this course back when I was expecting my first-- especially the personality part! I think it would've helped my partner support me in a better way."


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The course is completely virtual with videos and downloadable worksheet. After the course, you and your partner will have confidence as you move forward, preparing to meet your goals of feeding your baby.

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