Family Education

Growing your family is a beautiful thing. We are here to provide unbiased education to prepare you and your family for what is to come. This time should be as stress-free and joyous as possible. We believe at Flourishing Families that begins with education.



Baby birth

Your Birth Experience

You and your partner will learn how to work with each other and provide support during the birthing process. The class starts with personality types and communication styles then progresses into the physiological changes your body will experience.

Nursing Mother

Your Breastfeeding Experience

Learn the changes your body will make in order to support your new baby with breastfeeding. You will also learn different stages of breastfeeding and how to properly care for breast milk with storage and reheating.



Your Baby Experience

The 4th trimester is an important one full of many milestones and changes. Learn what to expect as you and your family grow. Also, be prepared for signs of postpartum road bumps that may be ahead.



Classes Available Online

We are in the process of adding all of these birth education classes. Check out which ones are currently available. All classes will be available by the end of summer 2020.

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