Top Five Things We Did to Prepare for a Baby that Changed During Covid

covid preparing for baby Mar 31, 2021

Doctor appointments with your partner:
Most practices are not allowing extra people at appointments. You can try adjusting your care to a midwifery practice for a home birth option or go virtual! Try utilizing FaceTime or Zoom with your partner during your visits.

Hospital based or in person classes are not being offered right now. Try an online class or a pre-recorded class like our Prenatal Companion Course. Both options secure the education you need to prepare for birth.

Stork tours:
A group tour of the hospital probably isn’t an option anymore. Ask if your delivery unit offers private tours or online virtual video tours. Remember, you can always call the unit directly to ask questions.

Baby showers: 
Virtual baby showers are flooding Pinterest and social media. Try a virtual baby shower or drive by shower option for those who are being more Covid cautious. 

Postpartum visitors:
The days of flooded living rooms and revolving doors is over. Even when we return to “normal” we might not fully return to this one. Families are realizing the recovery and lack of pressure to host is actually nice. As we find our balance of community and rest, try a meal train sit porch drop off, app ordering service or gift card option as a way for those who want to help, can help.

What are you having to adjust during this time? Is this your first baby and you know no different? Or have you gone through this season before and feeling the changes? Join our community on Facebook and share your ideas!

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