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Understanding Covid Protocol at Your Hospital

covid labor and delivery Apr 20, 2021

For so many, jumping into your local moms Facebook group of googling is our go to for answers. But when it comes to birthing during Covid, it’s important to have answers straight from the source. If you are preparing for your birth, here are a few ways to understand what to expect from your labor and delivery unit. Keep in mind, protocol is changing daily, be sure to get these answers now, and again within a week or so of your estimated due date.

Ask your OBGYN:
Every hospital functions differently, and likely, your OBGYN has been kept in the loop for the delivery units protocol. During your next appointment, ask them to fill you in.

Call your local hospital:
Call the facility you are delivering at and ask to speak to the labor and delivery unit. Once transferred, ask to speak to the charge nurse. Get an understanding of the protocol from them as well. While your OBGYN likely has the answers, these nurses are in the trenches and are first to know of updated policies, and more detailed on the ins and outs of what these policies tangibly look like in real life.

Talk to others:
Lastly, and typically the first option, but encouraged to be the last in this scenario, chat with others. Especially with birth, each experience is so unique. It’s almost impossible to take an answer for what someone else experienced and consider it might be your own. But, personal feedback, might be helpful for some, maybe even bring peace. While for others it is unnecessary. Decide where you fall and go from there.

Not sure where to start on connecting with others? Check out our public Facebook group!

As you prepare for birth, the Prenatal Companion course may be just what you need. More educational classes are coming soon to continue to provide your family support.


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