Remembering who you are while being a parent

I shared this four years ago with the agreement that I was one of these women. Push. Go. Hard. Strive. More. I was the anxiety and depressed. Not the kind that keeps you in bed and not functioning but the kind that keeps me irritated all the time, a yelling mommy, an individual that felt a lack of soul.
I stopped glorifying busy. I stopped distracting myself from the pain I was in, stopped myself from ignoring the trauma I needed to heal. And I started feeling. Slowing down, healing, leaning in. It has been its own kind of messy, it’s had its own kind of chaos, but it’s getting better. I am better. And the slow, grateful, intentional, pace of life, I am here for it!
I took time to chat with this group of amazing individuals and talk about how to continue to preserve the "you" in motherhood. 
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