NICU Mom Shares Her Story


It is not uncommon in our society to hear all of the war stories of women as they endeavor into birth and postpartum. It is often used as a badge of honor of some kind. In reality, I am confident that each person just wants their story to be heard. They want to be validated, seen, and held in a safe space. 

Talking to someone about their journey can evoke so many emotions for someone. Sheree was such a brave warrior in working with me to share her story. She has a passion for making sure that people become educated. 

It was such an honor to chat this through and hear her story. Take time to learn from a California local mama about her NICU story.

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Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety


We are going there, and more people should! 

What is postpartum anxiety, what is postpartum depression?

What can we do about it and how to notice it? 

Dive in with us as we cover real-life conversations with a group of five women who get vulnerable and talk about their own journey with postpartum depression and anxiety. 

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