What Is A Naturopathic Doctor and Is It A Right Fit For Me?


Over the years I have answered hundreds of questions for clients. Helping each one discover the right path for them and their families on anything from which provider to choose to which method of feeding. During this video, I am meeting with a dear friend of mine who is covering what she does as a Naturopathic Doctor. How she can partner with you and your family's health. This doctor has a wonderful Labor and Delivery Nurse for a mama which is how we. were introduced. Let us know what questions you have or who you want to see interviewed next. 

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NICU Mom Shares Her Story


It is not uncommon in our society to hear all of the war stories of women as they endeavor into birth and postpartum. It is often used as a badge of honor of some kind. In reality, I am confident that each person just wants their story to be heard. They want to be validated, seen, and held in a safe space. 

Talking to someone about their journey can evoke so many emotions for someone. Sheree was such a brave warrior in working with me to share her story. She has a passion for making sure that people become educated. 

It was such an honor to chat this through and hear her story. Take time to learn from a California local mama about her NICU story.

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Your Birth Experience- Childbirth Education Class

Your Birth Experience

Your Birth Experience curriculum is simple, understandable, completely fact-driven, and unbiased. You will learn communication styles for you and your partner, ways to communicate effectively with the birthing team, and what happens to your body during and immediately after birth. We will also discuss all types of delivery, pain management, and options

Why We Are Different

Flourishing Families isn't just another baby class or birth class. We spend the first part of our three core classes talking about communication styles, personality types, and how that impacts your experiences with your partner and care team.


What is Included:

This course will take you 4-6 hours to complete depending on the conversations you and your partner have as you work through the material. We encourage these conversations so please, take the time to discuss!

  • Self-paced videos for you and your spouse to work through together
  • Access to purchase an exclusive workbook as...
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Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety


We are going there, and more people should! 

What is postpartum anxiety, what is postpartum depression?

What can we do about it and how to notice it? 

Dive in with us as we cover real-life conversations with a group of five women who get vulnerable and talk about their own journey with postpartum depression and anxiety. 

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Tips and Tricks for feeding yourself while your feeding a newborn baby


During pregnancy, we hear "you are eating for two" and quickly after delivery in postpartum we realize it can be really hard to feed ourselves cause we are constantly feeding a baby. Whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, we can create systems to help you and your family. 

What worked best for you postpartum? Pregnant? What are you planning to do? 

Meal trains? Family and friends? Door-dash? SO many options! Let these women walk you through their real-life options! 

Lose the guilt and ask for help ;) 

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Is Balance Attainable?

Wanna know a secret? I've divulged it once and I will continue to share it often.
There is no such thing as balance. There IS a counterbalance. Something has to fall short. And that is OK! Are you a working parent? There are gonna days, weeks and maybe even months where you're job is consuming you. And sometimes, your partnership takes the hit or your business isn't a priority. What you have to remember is that it's just the season, it won't last. And maybe tomorrow, or next week things will shift and one of those other areas will be watered.
You are not superhuman. We aren't created for perfection. We were created to depend on the strength of our tribe and our ability to choose intentionally. We were created to be in communities and tribes that support each other and help raise our businesses and babies. That cheer on our partnerships. In groups that remind us, that tomorrow is a new day and a different part of our life gets to be watered.
I refuse to feel...
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