How to Parent With Your Partner- Tips and Tricks


Thriving partnerships--it takes a lot to parent as a team. While there are many strategies, we round table with other moms to go over what helps them and their partner successfully parent--together.

If you don't have time to watch the video, here are a few of the many takeaways!

1) Have a calendar system that works for you. Sometimes that is online, other times it is a paper calendar. The key is to have something where schedules can be viewed. HINT: assign colors to each family member to make it quicker to sort through the chaos!

2) Communication is key. Decide how to communicate, when to communicate (and when not to communicate), and what platforms to use. Sometimes a quick text message saying "I've had a long day with the kids--can you take over so I can take 20 minutes to regather myself?" 

3) Reminders are helpful for you and your spouse! Between work obligations, family obligations, and relationship obligations (among other things like meal prep, house cleaning,...

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What Kind of Parent Are You?


Understanding yourself and your partner's desires, core values, and parenting styles is an important piece to understand prior to walking into expanding your family. Walking through some of the exercises in our Returning to Work Course can be helpful in preparing you guys for some of the hard conversations prior to being in the thick of chaos in birth and parenting. 

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