Your Birth Experience- Childbirth Education Class

Your Birth Experience

Your Birth Experience curriculum is simple, understandable, completely fact-driven, and unbiased. You will learn communication styles for you and your partner, ways to communicate effectively with the birthing team, and what happens to your body during and immediately after birth. We will also discuss all types of delivery, pain management, and options

Why We Are Different

Flourishing Families isn't just another baby class or birth class. We spend the first part of our three core classes talking about communication styles, personality types, and how that impacts your experiences with your partner and care team.


What is Included:

This course will take you 4-6 hours to complete depending on the conversations you and your partner have as you work through the material. We encourage these conversations so please, take the time to discuss!

  • Self-paced videos for you and your spouse to work through together
  • Access to purchase an exclusive workbook as...
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How to Parent With Your Partner- Tips and Tricks


Thriving partnerships--it takes a lot to parent as a team. While there are many strategies, we round table with other moms to go over what helps them and their partner successfully parent--together.

If you don't have time to watch the video, here are a few of the many takeaways!

1) Have a calendar system that works for you. Sometimes that is online, other times it is a paper calendar. The key is to have something where schedules can be viewed. HINT: assign colors to each family member to make it quicker to sort through the chaos!

2) Communication is key. Decide how to communicate, when to communicate (and when not to communicate), and what platforms to use. Sometimes a quick text message saying "I've had a long day with the kids--can you take over so I can take 20 minutes to regather myself?" 

3) Reminders are helpful for you and your spouse! Between work obligations, family obligations, and relationship obligations (among other things like meal prep, house cleaning,...

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What do I need to know prior to my baby being born?


What do you wish you would have known before your baby was born? We take a deep dive into what these parents wish they would have known prior to birth with this amazing group. Learn from those who have walked before you and take a listen. In addition to this quick clip, there is so much more information like this in all of our online courses. Whether you are looking for birth prep, confidence in bringing home your baby, or feeding and nourishment, we have you covered. 

Some things you will hear from these parents during the next 10 minutes... 

"How often do they actually need to eat?" 

"How different each of my kids would be. Not only the labor and delivery but their temperaments and postpartum journies."

"NICU stay possibility and what that means for our family." 

"Understanding babies social cues."

"Understanding the emotional process and having grace with myself." 

"I hated the What to Expect when you are Expecting." 

"Grieving the...

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