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Remembering who you are while being a parent

I shared this four years ago with the agreement that I was one of these women. Push. Go. Hard. Strive. More. I was the anxiety and depressed. Not the kind that keeps you in bed and not functioning but the kind that keeps me irritated all the time, a yelling mommy, an individual that felt a lack of soul.
I stopped glorifying busy. I stopped distracting myself from the pain I was in, stopped myself from ignoring the trauma I needed to heal. And I started feeling. Slowing down, healing, leaning in. It has been its own kind of messy, it’s had its own kind of chaos, but it’s getting better. I am better. And the slow, grateful, intentional, pace of life, I am here for it!
I took time to chat with this group of amazing individuals and talk about how to continue to preserve the "you" in motherhood. 
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Postpartum Depression and Postpartum Anxiety


We are going there, and more people should! 

What is postpartum anxiety, what is postpartum depression?

What can we do about it and how to notice it? 

Dive in with us as we cover real-life conversations with a group of five women who get vulnerable and talk about their own journey with postpartum depression and anxiety. 

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Love Languages


What is a love language and how does it play a role in my relationships, friendships, and parenting my kids. 

In our Returning To Work course we cover the topic of Love Languages. We dive into why they are important, how to figure out what yours are and how to utilize them in your relationships. 

Do you know your Love Language? If so, is it a key piece in how you navigate your relationships? 

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Tips and Tricks for feeding yourself while your feeding a newborn baby


During pregnancy, we hear "you are eating for two" and quickly after delivery in postpartum we realize it can be really hard to feed ourselves cause we are constantly feeding a baby. Whether you are bottle-feeding or breastfeeding, we can create systems to help you and your family. 

What worked best for you postpartum? Pregnant? What are you planning to do? 

Meal trains? Family and friends? Door-dash? SO many options! Let these women walk you through their real-life options! 

Lose the guilt and ask for help ;) 

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What are my childcare options?


Take a deep breath! Holy Canoli, there are so many options. 

In our Returning to Work Course, we cover these topics in much deeper detail. BUT what is more relatable than hearing from real-life parents and the choices they made, why and details around the pros and cons of each. 

You have options ranging from being a Stay at home parent, daycare, family help, an au-pair, and several more! 

Where do you start? How do you choose? Let us help you. Start with this video, take our course and reach out anytime for guidance! 

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What do I need to know prior to my baby being born?


What do you wish you would have known before your baby was born? We take a deep dive into what these parents wish they would have known prior to birth with this amazing group. Learn from those who have walked before you and take a listen. In addition to this quick clip, there is so much more information like this in all of our online courses. Whether you are looking for birth prep, confidence in bringing home your baby, or feeding and nourishment, we have you covered. 

Some things you will hear from these parents during the next 10 minutes... 

"How often do they actually need to eat?" 

"How different each of my kids would be. Not only the labor and delivery but their temperaments and postpartum journies."

"NICU stay possibility and what that means for our family." 

"Understanding babies social cues."

"Understanding the emotional process and having grace with myself." 

"I hated the What to Expect when you are Expecting." 

"Grieving the...

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Is Balance Attainable?

Wanna know a secret? I've divulged it once and I will continue to share it often.
There is no such thing as balance. There IS a counterbalance. Something has to fall short. And that is OK! Are you a working parent? There are gonna days, weeks and maybe even months where you're job is consuming you. And sometimes, your partnership takes the hit or your business isn't a priority. What you have to remember is that it's just the season, it won't last. And maybe tomorrow, or next week things will shift and one of those other areas will be watered.
You are not superhuman. We aren't created for perfection. We were created to depend on the strength of our tribe and our ability to choose intentionally. We were created to be in communities and tribes that support each other and help raise our businesses and babies. That cheer on our partnerships. In groups that remind us, that tomorrow is a new day and a different part of our life gets to be watered.
I refuse to feel...
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Understanding Covid Protocol at Your Hospital

covid labor and delivery Apr 20, 2021

For so many, jumping into your local moms Facebook group of googling is our go to for answers. But when it comes to birthing during Covid, it’s important to have answers straight from the source. If you are preparing for your birth, here are a few ways to understand what to expect from your labor and delivery unit. Keep in mind, protocol is changing daily, be sure to get these answers now, and again within a week or so of your estimated due date.

Ask your OBGYN:
Every hospital functions differently, and likely, your OBGYN has been kept in the loop for the delivery units protocol. During your next appointment, ask them to fill you in.

Call your local hospital:
Call the facility you are delivering at and ask to speak to the labor and delivery unit. Once transferred, ask to speak to the charge nurse. Get an understanding of the protocol from them as well. While your OBGYN likely has the answers, these nurses are in the trenches and are first to know of updated policies, and more...

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10 Must Ask Questions Prior to Delivery During Covid

covid labor and delivery Apr 07, 2021

Here are 10 questions to ask your provider and delivery unit prior to your estimated due date regarding Covid. Things change daily so make sure you take notes and revisit these as frequently as you need to.

Be sure to not only ask just one question -- you should ask this list of questions to both your provider and the delivery unit. While both have updated protocol, each perspective and exposure is different. You will get a broad picture of each question which should bring a better understanding.

1) Do I need to pre-register or fill out paperwork prior to delivery?

Most hospitals require pre-registration paperwork. Prior to Covid, it would normally be a form you could mail directly to the hospital. In many cases, this process has become digital. Make sure you get it filled out early and confirm how you will know if everything is completed. 

2) Do I or my partner need a negative test prior to being in labor?

If baby is coming, the hospital will admit you to labor and delivery. With...

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Top Five Things We Did to Prepare for a Baby that Changed During Covid

covid preparing for baby Mar 31, 2021

Doctor appointments with your partner:
Most practices are not allowing extra people at appointments. You can try adjusting your care to a midwifery practice for a home birth option or go virtual! Try utilizing FaceTime or Zoom with your partner during your visits.

Hospital based or in person classes are not being offered right now. Try an online class or a pre-recorded class like our Prenatal Companion Course. Both options secure the education you need to prepare for birth.

Stork tours:
A group tour of the hospital probably isn’t an option anymore. Ask if your delivery unit offers private tours or online virtual video tours. Remember, you can always call the unit directly to ask questions.

Baby showers: 
Virtual baby showers are flooding Pinterest and social media. Try a virtual baby shower or drive by shower option for those who are being more Covid cautious. 

Postpartum visitors:
The days of flooded living rooms and revolving doors is over. Even...

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